Eadar-Theangachadh Gàidhlig a Dhìth Ort?
(this page in English)

dèan maorach fhad ’s a tha am muir a-muigh ... make shellfish while the tide is out? make hay while the sun shines!  (Gaelic)  •  ua ’ou seuseu ma le fata ... I am fishing because I have helped to make the "fata"? ... I have the right to take part in the discussion!  (Tongan)  •  滾水淥脚 ... boiling water scalding leg?  like a bat out of hell!  (Cantonese)  •  une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps ... one swallow doesn’t make a spring? one swallow doesn’t make a summer!  (French) • kàràmbā̀nin àkwiyā̀, gai dà kūrā ... pure meddlesomeness of the goat to greet the hyena?  do not attempt the impossible!  (Haussa)  •  gẽro vėjo ... good wind?  break a leg!  (Lithuanian)  •  t’óó tł’éé’góó naháłnii’ ... to buy it in the dark?  to buy a pig in a poke!  (Navajo)  •  口から先に生れる ... born mouth first?  to bend someone’s ear!  (Japanese)  •  ter macaquinhos no sotão ... to have monkey in the attic?  to have bats in the belfry!  (Portuguese)  • E haere iho ā te pape i roto i te tahora ... water only flows into rivers?  money begets money!  (Tahitian)  •  sama xol neexul ... my heart isn’t good?  I’m not feeling well!  (Wolof)  •  d’Feiss an de Grapp huelen ... to take your feet into your hands?   to take to your heel!  (Luxemburgish)  •  иметь зуб против кого-либо ... to have a tooth against someone?  to bear a grudge!  (Russian)  •  鱼翅拌饭 ... rice mixed with shark fins?   a meal fit for a king!  (Mandarin)  •  hortzekin jaio ... born with teeth?  born with a silver spoon in you mouth!  (Basque)  •  fo iy’a ’nafo tombong ... would you pick up my cap?  do you love me? (Mandinka)  •  ta ushag ayns laue chammag as jees sy thammag ... a lark in the hand is as good as two in the bush?  a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!  (Manx)  •  krikhen in di oygn ... creep into the eyes?  to butter up!  (Yiddish)  •  avere la mosca al naso ... to have the fly on the nose?  to have a chip on your shoulder!  (Italian)  •  contes de la vora del foc ... stories in front of the fireplace?  a cock and bull story!  (Catalan)  •  ma’avakwelk ... you have a wart?  you are stingy!  (Mojave)  •  hacer antesala ... to do anteroom?  to cool your heels!  (Spanish)  •  naik kuda hijan ... to ride a green horse?  to be dead drunk!  (Indonesian)  •  sasanach ó fhréamh ... a saxon from the root?  to be dyed in the wool!  (Irish)  •  gyöngyélete van ... to live in pearls?  to live off the fat of the land!  (Hungarian)  •  Göra en höna av en fjäder ... to make a hen from a feather?  to make mountains out of molehills!  (Swedish)  •  reñe’ẽ pakova pire ... you are talking banana leaves?  you’re talking rubbish!  (Guaraní)  •  nehru’tikęhkę́·nyę ... his mind excels apart?  he’s a cheat!  (Tuscarora)  •  βρέχειrίχνει καρεκλοπόδαρα ... it’s throwing chairs legs?  it’s raining cats and dogs!  (Greek)  •  kumā si’i vela hono iku ... little rat, yet it’s tail is burnt?  to squander resources!  (Samoan)  •  rire à gros dints ... to laugh with big teeth?   to laugh on the other side of your face!  (Picard)  •  ăn cỏm chủa ... have you eaten rice?  hello!  (Vietnamese)  •  he hārore rangitahi ... a one-day day mushroom?  a flash in the pan!  (Maori)  •  çavê te roni be ... may your eye be bright?  congratulations!  (Kurdish)  •  ke jeoa ke hloho ... I am eaten by my leg?   I have a sore leg!  (Sesotho)  •  en Schue voll usezie ... to pull out a full shoe?  to fail!  (Swiss German)  •  wanágnųkašni s’e táku eyé ... he talks like he doesn’t have it in his possession?  he isn’t telling the truth!  (Dakota)  •  dysgu gradd i hen farch ... to teach a pace to an old horse?  to teach your grandmother to suck eggs!  (Welsh)  •  գլուխս կՙ արդդռւկե կռր ... he is ironing my head?  he’s annoying me!  (Armenian)   •  stnḿulhank ... to have a stiff belly?  to laugh your head off!  (Nuxalk)  •  fofftein moken ... to make fifteen?  to take a break!  (Low German)  •  als de kat slaapt, spelen de muizen ... when the cat sleeps, the mice play?  when the cat’s away, mice do play!  (Dutch)  •  gavura kızıp oruç yemek ... to be angry at a Christian and to break Ramadan?  to cut off your nose to spite your face!  (Turkish)  •  schepil ngasangsey ... source of my breath? my sweetheart!  (Carolinian)  •  hiqas hiilux̂tax̂ ... to have tales as your expression?  to be a gossip!  (Aleut)  •  rumpodicha honić ... to hunt Santa Claus?  to do Christmas shopping!  (Sorbian)  •  umpawhawng kuhuk ... to talk-get?  to pray!  (Paiute)  •  a căra apă la put ... to carry water to the fountain?  to carry coals to Newcastle!  (Romanian)  •  амид явбал алтан аягнаас ууна ... stay alive and drink from a golden cup one day?  live to fight another day!  (Mongolian)  •  kekora sechou el suebek e mekebekabes ochil ... like the stork that flies with its legs dangling?  to leave loose ends!  (Palauan)  •  รัองไหันำตาเป์นเผาเต่า ... to cry like a turtle being roasted?  to cry your eyes out!  (Thai)  •  asmandiki ghazning xorpisigha nan qilap yemek ... to soak your bread in the soup of a flying duck?  to build castles in the air!  (Uyghur)  •  cu mancia fa muddichi ... one who eats makes crumbs?  you can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs!  (Sicilian)  •  nan tan grangou patat pa gen po ... in a famine sweet potatoes have no skin?  beggars can’t be choosers!  (Kriol)  •  ’olo ’olo aku nō i hope, kū i ke a’u ... lagging behind, struck by a swordfish?  the devil takes the hindmost!  (Hawaiian)  • 

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